Two-Piece Toilets


Water's an essential ingredient to life, so we have created the best flushing toilets in the market with an extraordinary performance using only 1.28 gallons per flush.



Pedestal Lavatories, Drop-in Lavatories (over the counter), Undermounts, Wall Hung... we got them all.


Kitchen And Bath Ensembles

Beauty and Efficiency
for your Home

We're a full-LINE TOILET+LAVATORIES+KITCHEN SINK plumbing solution.


After more than two decades of servicing over a dozen countries worldwide, we're proud to say ARTESAN is your best choice all-around.  Modern styles by our in-house designers, always on-hand inventory Stateside for fast delivery, unbelievable affordable prices, we got you covered.

Stainless Steel Kitchen Sinks


Long lasting Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink solutions.

Upgrading your Kitchen or Bath? 

No problem. You can afford it!

One-Piece Toilets


If you look for elegance and luxury, our One Piece toilets offer the style in our water efficient models single flush 1.28gpf or dual flush 1.28/1.0gpf versions.